Qatar’s Driverless Metro System

Tolerro CEO Anomi’s visit to Qatar in May saw her meet with the Operations Manager of Qatar Rail, who is overseeing the creation of a metro system which will revolutionise the way people travel around Qatar’s capital city of Doha.

The completed metro will be 217km long and link together 100 stations across four lines: the Red, Green, Gold and Blue lines.…


Automation is rapidly changing our world. The promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is being applied across an ever-broadening cross-section of the economy. And it’s not science fiction!

IoT is all about how computing technology is being applied to everyday devices in order to transmit and receive data.…

The Case for ISO55000

The Case for ISO55000.



ISO55000 can provide a number of advantages for achieving effective asset management.

• Alignment of processes, resources and functional contributions (instead of departmental silos and competing, short-term priorities)
• Creating a transparent audit trail for what is done, when and why
• Better understanding and usage of data and information to
provide informed and consistent decisions
• Improved planning (especially capital expenditure).…

Penn State Saves $700K per year with IBM Endpoint Manager

This great news article comes directly from the Penn State News website and it highlights how IBM Endpoint Manager is being used to not only save thousands of $$$, but also to streamline processes and increase operational efficiency.

IBM software helps keep Penn State sustainable while saving money
Katie Jacobs
August 15, 2014


IBM Rebrand “Made with IBM”

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By 2020, the Millennial generation will make up 50% of the workforce and just ten years later that number will increase to 75%. IBM needs to get in touch with the “Next Generation” and with their recent announcement of their rebrand “Made With IBM” they’re doing just that.…

Changing the way drivers interact with their cars and mobile devices

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This articles look at how cloud and mobile computing will change the way drivers interact with their cars and their mobile devices.

Otherwise known as the IBM Smart Driving System, in partnership with Beijing TransWiseway Information Technology Co Ltd, this will be a cloud-based platform offering real-time services to a driver’s mobile while driving.…

Mobiles change the way we communicate

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This blog post examines how the use of mobiles has surpassed desktop and laptop computers. We do everything on our mobiles now… socialise, shop, business and fun. Read about how they have changed the way we communicate and the benefits and pitfalls of this trend.…

Optimise Performance with Big Data, Mobile and Cloud

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The use of mobile and cloud computing has grown immensely in recent years, coupled with the rise of social media, IT consumerism and virtualisation. While all of these technologies pack their own power individually; used together they can become exponentially powerful.…