Mining & Resources

Mining & Resources assets have to withstand some of the harshest conditions, doing the toughest jobs, on a scale unprecedented in any other industry.

Mining & Resources

Control. Automate. Optimise.

The assets owned and managed by Mining & Resources companies  are not only some of the most expensive, but  they have to work in the harshest environments, moving some of the hardest material on the planet,  24/7 and  meeting unrelenting production levels.

The infrastructure from the rock face to the port relies on a continual output.  If any one asset in that system breaks down, the whole system can stop.  One conveyer belt, one train or one large excavator to fail and you have potentially  hours of downtime equating to millions of dollars in lost revenue, plus potential liquidated damages for failing to deliver to your contacted production levels.  Failing assets can cause a domino effect on downstream businesses from your loss of production.

Condition monitoring, preventative maintenance and effective scheduling of asset operation to manage any shut down times are essential to any primary resources operation.  The right asset management system manages the huge complexities of assets within the Resources & Mining infrastructures while at the same time automating the processes to ensure that assets are maintained, kept safe and have optimised lifecycles.

When it comes to asset management systems – you need the best.   Tolerro specialise in high availability enterprise asset management systems, workforce mobility solutions and the consulting that makes implementation and enhancement a well-managed success.  Tolerro is the provider of choice for some of the largest mining and resource companies in Australia and internationally.

IBM Maximo Asset Management is the best-of-breed asset management system designed to meet the exacting and complex requirements of the Mining & Resources Industry.


IBM Maximo for Mining



IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management



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Demonstration of mobile condition assessment of mining equipment

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“My Team and I have a long standing relationship with Tolerro as our IBM Maximo asset management partner. Tolerro understands our business and continues to add value through tailored advice, business process development and reliable full support services.  Tolerro implemented IBM Maximo across our organisation internationally and managed the project seamlessly from needs analysis through to final “go live”.  I have found Tolerro to be reliable, innovative and professional, and we have benefited greatly from their expertise across the asset management spectrum. ” 

Brian Weldon – $14.5 Billion Global Mining Equipment Manufacturer


To help maximise return on assets, Maximo Asset Management enables the organisation to develop comprehensive programs for preventive, predictive, routine and unplanned maintenance. Together, these programs contribute to the goals of reducing costs and increasing asset uptime. Key benefits include:

  • Improve return on assets
  • Decrease costs and risk
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve asset related decision making

  • Increase asset service delivery, responsiveness and revenue
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance efforts
  • Manage risk
  • Lower total cost of ownership.

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