Specialist Industries

Specialist industries require a specialist focus.  Whilst lessons learned from other industries can often be applied, there are also nuances and ‘left field’ asset considerations that require a tailored approach.

Specialist Industries

When a “stock-standard” solution will not fit

Theme parks, cruise liners, football stadiums, art galleries and heritage listed sites… to name a few.  If you are in a specialist industry you need the time and attention devoted to understanding the type of assets you deal with and the best solutions to meet your tailored requirement. If you are spending a high amount on your assets, you need to effectively manage the lifecycle of your assets and get the best possible return on investment.

Tolerro has experience in implementing asset management and mobile workforce solutions for organisations as diverse as Warner Bros. Movie World, News Ltd and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. These clients are individual and there are asset considerations to take into account that are different, for example, to the Oil & Gas and Utilities industries.  Tolerro takes the time to understand the differences.

As a specialist industry you need an asset management system to provide a visible and clear view of the condition of your entire asset base and automate the effective scheduling of routine and preventative maintenance and inspections.  An effective asset management system will give you these productivity gains and is critical to support decision making.


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Tolerro specialise in high availability enterprise asset management systems, workforce mobility solutions and the consulting that makes implementation and enhancement a well-managed success.  Tolerro is the provider of choice for some of the largest asset intensive companies in Australia and internationally.


“I have worked with Tolerro since 2005 when  the organisation became the first Authorised Business Partner of MRO Software, developers of Maximo. Since then I have worked with Anomi and her team in my time at MRO, IBM and SME Accelerator, as a colleague, partner and advisor. The Asset Management business is not always straightforward, and together we have been through some ups and downs. What has been consistent though, is Tolerro’s adherence to its values of providing an excellent result at a fair price. Tolerro markets itself through referrals, and thus values its professional reputation above all else. This motivates the Tolerro team to focus not only on the obligatory metrics of on-time and on-budget, but on the real value they can deliver to clients. I recommend Tolerro as a business worthy of the title “Partner”… Tolerro is genuinely invested in your success.”

Rob Heselev –  Director SME Accelerator, and former IBM Channel Manager for Maximo and Professional Services Manager, MRO Software

Enterprise Asset Management

IBM Maximo Asset Management is the best-of-breed asset management system designed to meet the exacting and complex requirements of the Manufacturing and Industrial Industry.

To help maximise return on assets, Maximo Asset Management enables the organisation to develop comprehensive programs for preventive, predictive, routine and unplanned maintenance. Together, these programs contribute to the goals of reducing costs and increasing asset uptime. Key benefits include:

  • Improve return on assets
  • Decrease costs and risk
  • Increase productivity
  •  Improve asset related decision making
  • Increase asset service delivery, responsiveness and revenue
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance efforts
  • Manage risk
  • Lower total cost of ownership.

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