Green Light for Queensland Power Project

Tolerro is pleased to announce the commencement of an exciting new mobile workforce project for Powerlink.

As the winning tenderer for the Powerlink Mobile Data Capture Project, we will be collaborating with SAP to implement the SAP Mobile Platform to provide a mobile solution to manage substation inspections.  Powerlink owns, operates, develops and maintains Queensland’s high voltage electricity transmission network, which transports electricity in bulk from power generators to the regional distribution networks.

The objective of the Mobile Data Capture Project is to provide the workforce with quick and reliable access to asset data whilst capturing inspection data on the spot as it happens.  The project expects to achieve greater productivity and efficiency through the removal of paperwork and data entry.

For 11 years Tolerro has been at the forefront of implementing innovative technology for the asset management industry.  Implementing this mobile technology for Powerlink is yet another exciting project and a trail blazer for future SAP Mobile App implementations.

Our journey of success continues.