Asset Management

The right asset management solution is a key enabler in effective strategy and decision making, delivering reliability, enhanced performance and cost leadership


Asset Management

We live in a world driven by competition, regulation and an expectation that we can deliver optimal outcomes with minimised investment.

In asset intensive organisations like yours – the stakeholders (shareholders, investors, government regulators and the public) demand that you achieve optimal return on asset investment, high reliability, responsiveness, transparency, predictability and intrinsic safety on ever decreasing budgets.

With these increased pressures and expectations enterprise asset management has moved from the Boiler Room to the Board Room.   It is a driving force in business strategy and decision making and optimised asset management can give you cost leadership and a competitive edge.

The right asset management solution will deliver the tools to meet these diverse stakeholder expectations.  It will manage operational and maintenance workflows, and integrate with your GIS, ERP, Financial and other systems to provide the information, processes, planning and decision support to optimise the investment, maintenance and use of assets, empowering  everyone from field crews to the MD.

Technology, innovation and best-in-class asset management systems, such as IBM Maximo,  are your gateway to seizing the strategic value of asset management in your organisation.   The right solution will allow you to optimise your asset investment and organisational performance.

IBM Maximo EAM

Enterprise Asset Management

An enterprise asset management system needs to give you transparency across all asset bases to inform your decision making.  On a single platform you need to be able to see what your organisation owns; what condition it is in; where it is located; the level of utilisation and risk factors that exist.  From there you need to manage preventative, predictive, routine and unplanned maintenance along with the associated inventory management, procurement and service contracts.  The right enterprise level asset management system will allow you to drive efficiency through process refinement, control, compliance and automation.

Many organisations are struggling with a patched together mix of legacy systems that reflect the evolution of growth and technology over the last decade or so.  Or maybe you are an asset intensive organisation but working within the limitations of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system where the asset management function is not specialist enough to really optimise your assets.   A fully integrated enterprise asset management system will allow you to manage your assets from a lifecycle approach rather than an operations approach.  Lower total cost of ownership leads to higher return on investment which ultimately means greater profit.

Tolerro is an official IBM Business Partner for IBM Maximo  and can also deal with integration of other systems.  We can tailor a solution for you and guide you through the maze of alternatives and decisions in the IT asset management arena.


Maximo Asset Configuration Manager data sheet


Maximo Enterprise Brochure



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IBM Maximo: Robust, yet simple to use

IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management takes the power, performance and possibilities of asset management to an entirely new level. Built on a single software platform, Maximo EAM delivers a complete view of all asset types — production, facilities, transportation and IT — across your enterprise. This comprehensive perspective allows a business to view all of their assets, as well as identify all of the untapped potential within them. A business gains the knowledge and control it needs thereby closely aligning the organisation’s strategic goals with the overall goals of the business.

Consisting of six key management modules — asset, work, service, contract, materials and procurement management — Maximo Asset Management is the only solution a business needs to optimise the performance of every asset.

To help maximise return on assets, Maximo Asset Management enables the business to develop comprehensive programs for preventive, predictive, routine and unplanned maintenance. Together, these programs contribute to the goals of reducing costs and increasing asset uptime.



Key Benefits:

  • Improve return on assets
  • Decrease costs and risk
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve asset related decision making
  • Increase asset service delivery, responsiveness and revenue
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance efforts
  • Manage risk
  • Lower total cost of ownership.

Maximo Adapters

IBM Maximo Enterprise Adapter allows Maximo to connect with your other enterprise systems such as Oracle and SAP allowing real-time exchange of critical information.  Adapters ensure that your investment in IBM Maximo is not a silo investment operating in separation of other enterprise resource planning systems, but enhances your existing systems to provide total business solutions.

There are pre-built Maximo adapters available for ERP systems such as SAP, Primavera, Microsoft Project and Oracle and they require minimal configuration.

Part of Tolerro’s consulting and implementation service is an in-depth analysis of what other systems and customisations you have invested in and part of the solution we provide includes the appropriate adapters.

Technical features about Maximo Adapters:

  • Complete standards-based integration enablement environment for Maximo providing services for XML, HTTP(S), JMS, JDBC and Web services.
  • Supports both synchronous and asynchronous Web services based integration. Synchronous Web services can be used for real-time querying into Maximo from Portals or from within 3rd party applications.
  • Supports multiple integration formats and method with extensive mapping and transformation facilities.
  • Rules engine for integration mapping, processing and routing.
  • Screen driven integration creations, configuration, customization, and deployment facilities for extending integrations according to your business requirements.
  • Built-in auditing, recovery, notification and management facilities.


Additions to the IBM Maximo Suite

Maximo Calibration

For industries where the correctness of a device, piece of equipment or tool leaves no room for  variance and measured accuracy is critical, an important module as part of the Maximo Suite is IBM Maximo Calibration, a comprehensive, customizable solution to help improve operational efficiency.  IBM Maximo Calibration is a fully integrated part of Maximo Asset Management, and used to calibrate tools and measurement equipment, and standards to optimise the quality of products produced. It provides all requirements for traceability and reverse traceability, all calibration history data, calibration data sheets and required reporting.

Maximo Calibration assists you to:

  • Automate calibration processes across your enterprise to help increase effectiveness and minimize operating costs
  • Leverage full traceability and reverse traceability to ease compliance with industry regulations

  • Enable technicians to perform mobile calibration using handheld computers to streamline work tasks
  • Enhance accuracy and reporting of instrument calibration to help address regulatory compliance.

Industry specific capabilities


Automates complete calibration processes, providing full traceability and reverse traceability, enable technicians to perform mobile calibration using handheld computers, detailed documentation with auditable reports


Fully integrated with Maximo Asset Management, provides greater data accuracy and validation, improves production output quality, and better prepares for audits. Aligns with the business needs and provides a greater fit out-of-the-box

Improves Regulatory Compliance


Provides complete accounting for the life of a component, automating a complex multi-dimensional task of tracking compliance


Allows organizations to track regulatory compliance of assets and better prepare for audits and inspections

Maximo Configuration Manager

IBM Maximo Asset Configuration Manager manages the current and historical changes of the  configuration of high-value, complex, and regulated assets such as aircraft, rail vehicles, engines, weapon systems, and so on.  It provides real time calculation of both an asset’s build and a components’ life with benefits such as improved compliance regulations and reduced operating costs. It includes:

  • Active asset and life cycle accounting, providing improved compliance for regulated industries, while helping to increase reliability and accountability.
  • Configuration management, which accurately tracks the current and historical views of transactional changes of the configuration of assets and their components.

  • Component life accounting, deriving build and component life data from transactional logs, allowing conflict detection and resolution, unlimited backdated changes to install/remove and usage records, and on-the-fly historical at-the-time asset build and component life views.
  • Operational status management, providing an accurate overall fleet status by comparing an actual asset’s build to its intended configuration and the status of the asset’s maintenance plan.

  • Definition of as-designed allowable asset builds, including the ability to track design changes and Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR) data
  • The ability to accurately perform system and component analysis and reporting to support improved reliability and lower maintenance costs.
  • Leveraging Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) on a Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) certified internet platform.


Maximo Scheduler

IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler

Getting your workforce to the right place at the right time and keeping them operating efficiently is one of the biggest operational cost optimisations that any organisation can undertake. IBM Maximo scheduler is an integrated planning and scheduling system within IBM Maximo that allows you to quickly allocate work to field crews, balance your resources and ensure as little down time as possible.

Maximo Asset Management Scheduler enables planners to view all work orders and forecasted activities in a Gantt chart so that they can be grouped logically and scheduled optimally. Viewing critical factors that can impact a schedule is vitally important to the planner.

  • Graphically see when Assets and/or Locations are not available for work to be scheduled (i.e. Production schedule).
  • View the availability of all Materials and/or Tools required for work to be completed.
  • Intuitive visual navigation through work orders and tasks complete with simple schedule adjustment tools.
  • Graphically drag & drop assignments to labor resources while validating skill suitability.
  • Dispatcher may view all routes and assignments on a public map with the ability to automatically manipulate existing or new work.
  • Ability to manage task and work dependencies like finish to start, start to start, finish to finish and start to finish including lead and lag.
  • Compare resource load against availability to ensure optimal resource usage.
  • Auto scheduling of work based on task dependencies and work shifts.
  • Create your PM forecasts automatically from any existing PM records and view them graphically along with open Maximo work orders.
  • Operating systems supported: Windows®.

Download the IBM Maximo Scheduler Brochure PDF

To find out more about IBM Maximo Scheduler call 1300 730 722 or email an Enquiry TODAY.


Maximo Scheduler Brochure



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Maximo Spatial

IBM Maximo Spatial

Dynamically visualize asset relationships with geographic information system technology

IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management provides users with the visibility to see complex GIS information. This solution provides a geospatial context of work, assets and relevant land-based features, which improves reliability, longevity and efficient work execution.

  • Seamless user experience provides access to dynamic GIS functionality, instead of simply viewing a static map
  • Aligns with the specific business needs and improves work planning and analysis while eliminating the need for data duplication
  • Leveraging GIS functionality inside Maximo creates efficiencies in business processes and improves communication
  • Allows organisation to take advantage of data that is not maintained in their GIS systems, but provides valuable insights for decision making
  • New features enhance performance, usability and security


Maximo Spatial Brochure



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Embedded GIS functionality inside the Maximo Asset Management framework


Java components in ESRI’s ArcGIS Server platform match the standards based, Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) certified Maximo platform for thin client operations with loss of function.


Seamless user experience accessing dynamic GIS functionality, instead of simply viewing a static map.

Spatial enablement of Maximo Assets, Locations, Work Orders, and Service Requests applications)


Supports visualization of assets, locations and work orders, leverages investment in GIS and supports Visual Business Analysis. Viewing asset and work in proximity and context of other spatial features.


Aligns with the specific business needs and Improves work planning and analysis while eliminating the need for data duplication.

Service address capabilities allow for consistent addressing


Provides the ability to search based on address and the display of non-geospatial referenced work orders or assets on the map


Leveraging GIS functionality inside Maximo creates efficiencies in business processes and improves communication.

SOA-based architecture and ArcGIS Java components.


Maximo Spatial can leverage data from virtually any external GIS data source. Examples include GPS (AVL) feeds to track resources and assets, and data from services such as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for flood plain data and other Web services compatible formats.


Allows organization to take advantage of data that is not maintained in their GIS systems, but provides valuable insights for decision making.

Maximo Linear

Bring your linear assets into line with IBM Maximo Linear

Asset Managers dealing with linear assets such as roads, rail tracks and pipelines need a linear referencing method enabling dynamic segmentation to assist in defining, locating and maintaining these critical assets.

IBM Maximo Linear Asset Manager extends the capabilities of Maximo to include the management of critical linear assets:


Maximo Linear Brochure



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  • Change characteristics over the span of a linear asset using dynamic segmentation
  • Apply user defined relationships to more accurately portray operational connectivity
  • Leverage dynamic condition monitoring by adding a linear position expression to measurements.

  • Manage linear work using start and end measures or pre-defined reference points
  • Track labor, materials and tools charges by linear measure and not just asset
  • Search linear work orders using linear measures or reference points

Many other asset management systems don’t have linear referencing functionality.

IBM Maximo is the leading best- of- breed asset management system on the market today.

Advanced Stock Manager

Make Your Stocktake Manageable

Stock control is one of your most significant management challenges. Too much stock means you are burning money; too little stock means your business operations are at risk and unidentified stock means you have made an investment you can’t use. All of these are expensive and bad for business.

Tolerro Advanced Stock Manager is a practical and powerful stock management system that seamlessly integrates into Maximo . It gives you full control of your stocktake and provides practical, easy to use forms and processes, for your staff to improve your stocktake outcomes. With millions of dollars tied up in stock, small improvements can mean big profits.


Advanced Stock Manager brochure





  • Real time snapshot and historical view of stock assets – Greater accuracy and transparency
  • Supports multiple businesses, locations and sites – Correctly forecast and budget
  • Can organise by category or location – Control costs
  • Handles all types of stock including stocked items; rotatable items; condition enabled and lotted stock and perishable goods – Make better decisions
  • Provide a master stocktake and future stocktake scheduling – Deliver the speed, security and reliability your business needs for best practice

  • Incorporate flexible segregation of duties – Written by asset management experts for asset managers (not accountants and retailers)
  • Customisable reports in various formats – Simple to use but robust with the same Maximo look and feel and functionality
  • Import/export inventory files and reports – Delivers accurate information for Finance and management functions
  • Multi-level user access – Follows best practice and has an auditable reconciliation process
  • Monitor and report stock costs and variances

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DTE Energy unlocks synergy and gains flexibility with common integrated business processes.

DTE Energy unlocks synergy and gains flexibility with common integrated business processes.


Case study about DTE Energy’s implementation of IBM Maximo Asset Management system  and integration with SAP and other systems.  This article highlights the efficiencies achieved and demonstrates how flexibility and integration enable even the most complex companies to think, act and optimise as a single company.…