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Connect your people with your information wherever they are for greater efficiency, productivity and an improved bottom line


IBM & SAP Mobile Asset Management

Asset Management performance through mobility…

IBM and SAP Mobile asset management solutions offer you a quick, cost effective and reliable way to connect your people with your data, wherever they are. Mobile enterprise systems are the technological enabler that integrates the back-end enterprise asset management system with roaming networks through your chosen mobile device to send and receive high quality data between field personnel and the office.
The mobile workforce solutions that Tolerro can provide enable you to quickly reach a new level of efficiency through increased productivity and reduced costs including:


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  • Streamlining of work processes and collaboration between regions, personnel, contractors and management
  • Immediate access to real time key information – asset history, inventory, work order tracking, condition codes, job plans etc
  • Simplified compliance due to greater accuracy and digitally recorded data

  • Reduced administrative costs and re-work – high quality data captured and uploaded from performance point to the backend system
  • Greater Accuracy – digitally recorded time stamps and GPS coordinates
  • Improved customer service through greater efficiency

  • Eliminated paperwork, double handling and data entry human error
  • Higher responsiveness and immediate scheduling of work to prioritise and prevent hold-up
  • Complete visibility of all operations in real time of staff activity and asset status for better decision making


For IBM Maximo Users:

Maximo Mobile SAP Syclo for Maximo


For SAP Users:




Mobile Strategy

Increase your profitability and field productivity with Mobile data access & processing

In an asset intensive enterprise, mobility strategy presents many challenges. Evolving technology and future proofing, security of enterprise data, ease of implementation and ongoing upgrade costs, seamless connectivity and a growing portfolio of applications to deploy are all issues that need to be considered.

In order to select the right mobile asset management solution you need to develop an overarching mobile strategy. As asset management and mobility specialists Tolerro can assist you to tailor a future-proof mobilisation strategy, incorporating your asset management processes and strategic operational objectives.

Tolerro is proud to be an SAP and IBM Business Partner and work with a variety of best of breed mobile solutions to deliver our customers objectives.

This allows us to develop solutions that integrate with a wide range of Enterprise Systems. We can offer an end-to-end enterprise mobility management solution based on extensive industry knowledge and tried and proven mobility software.


How to develop your Mobile Strategy

When working with you to develop your mobile strategy, we evaluate the following:

  • Assessment of existing maintenance systems and processes
  • Review of mobile workforce processes currently in use (if applicable)
  • Identification of Key Performance Indicators/Areas and overarching business objectives
  • Identification of key maintenance activities that would benefit from mobilisation
  • Identification of processes that need to be integrated with other business functions
  • Preparedness to implement a mobile solution and overarching IT architecture

Finding you the most cost effective mobile solution to reach your strategic asset management goal, is our core objective.


Tolerro can assess, scope, plan and implement your mobility solution.

CALL 1300 730 722 to arrange your FREE Mobility Assessment Consultation.




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Maximo Mobile

On-the-spot asset management efficiency

Manual paper-based asset management and work practices can slow you down and create unnecessary double handling of information and opportunity for errors and waste.  Getting the right information at the right time to the right people will create a seamless efficiency that can make your organisation’s productivity soar!  Make your asset management mobile with the IBM Maximo Mobile Suite and start reaping the benefits.

IBM Maximo Mobile Suite provides remote access to the Maximo Asset Management processes for work, asset and inventory management. These applications are easy to use and versatile and allow your field personnel to perform work remotely by sending and receiving critical and complex information from their hand-held device.


Maximo Mobile Suite Brochure


IBM Solution Brief: Empower your mobile workforce with Maximo Anywhere


The suite includes:

IBM Maximo Mobile Work Manager – streamline field based work processes through timely access to work orders, service requests and tickets; accurate asset and location information; historical details; attached documents; safety information and work plans. You can also add onto this application the Maximo Calibration product to record instrument readings and tolerance testing on-the-go.

IBM Maximo Mobile Asset Manager – combines Maximo asset functions with an easy-to-use mobile interface allowing asset managers and auditors to perform tasks in the field.  Includes creating and managing assets, locations, configuration items and collections; audit physical asset inventory; create and manage routes, rounds and collections; move and swap assets; generate maintenance and service requests and verify and update configuration and state of assets.

IBM Maximo Mobile Inventory Manager – assists storerooms to manage, issue, receive and track inventory including RFID and bar code capability.


  • Familiar functionality because it fully integrates with IBM Maximo as a single vendor tailored solution for Maximo users.
  • Improve productivity from management to field personnel with instant access to remote and mobile asset data.
  • Reduce travel time, paperwork, data entry and data errors, double handling and miscommunication.
  • Real-time reporting, monitoring, job progress and improved first-time fix rates.

  • Improved and streamlined business process management and regulatory compliance.
  • Improved decision making through timely, accurate and quality information for analysis, feedback and reporting
  • Exchange data with the application server using the method best suited for your operating environment: real-time wireless, dial-up or docking cradle.
  • Open flexible and scalable solution making configuration and deployment easy, supporting multiple hand-held devices and communication methods.


SAP Syclo for Maximo

Connect with your asset information, wherever you are

Access to your asset information in the field can effectively reduce the number of tasks and personnel required to perform scheduled maintenance tasks. Become dynamic, seize more opportunities and gain greater efficiency by going mobile. Join the hundreds of organisations that have realised millions of dollars in benefits by choosing SAP Syclo.

SAP Syclo is a mobile asset management application for organisations involved in operating, tracking, inspecting, auditing, and maintaining enterprise assets. It allows you to connect with your data wherever you are.Mobile-Solution-Architecture
SAP Syclo integrates with a wide variety of backend enterprise systems, including IBM Maximo, and accesses roaming networks to send and receive high quality data between field personnel and the office.

Whether you use an executive Blackberry, iPad, laptop or tablet PC, SAP Syclo configures and deploys to your chosen mobile device.

SAP’s Syclo’s Agentry mobile platform provides an easy to use yet fully scalable solution that enables you to integrate, develop, control and manage mobile applications that reach your geographic regions, user groups and numerous devices. You can have thousands of users and large data sets and also have fast synchronisation.

Built on Syclo’s flexible Agentry is the Mobile Suite incorporating Work Manager; Schedule; Inventory Manager and Auditor. There are also other pre-integrated mobile products for Calibration; Inspections; Rounds and Task Tracker.

Together the Mobile Suite and Agentry platform offer you a long term, cost effective mobile strategy and a ROI that will raise your performance. Working smarter means a better bottom line.



In April 2012 SAP acquired the Syclo mobile application suite, now fully integrated into the SAP portfolio.



Syclo Smart Work Manager for Maximo


Stay tuned – new brochures coming soon!


SAP Syclo Work Manager for Maximo Mobile App

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SAP Syclo Inventory Manager for Maximo Mobile App

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SAP Syclo Auditor for Maximo Mobile App

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SAP Support

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Enabling a winning mobile enterprise….

-Run Better, Run Mobile –

The post PC era is emerging fast and customers, employees, suppliers and partners are driving the need to mobilise business processes. Unwiring your business is a new imperative with a demanding set of new challenges. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is evolving as a driving force and key enabler for greater productivity, reduced cost and lower total cost of ownership of enterprise resources. It can also be a costly if you don’t strategically approach its implementation.

You need a manageable and scalable mobility strategy underpinned by a common mobility platform that is future-proof, whilst allowing you to quickly build and deploy applications to run your business operations on-the-go. This means you need to start with the big picture in mind while you scale up and mobilise the various operational functions throughout your whole enterprise. As business, technology, devices, regulations and your organisations change over time, it is important the mobile solutions you select are flexible.

At the implementation level there are many challenges to evaluate including the selection and management of devices, the development, deployment and management of applications and the security solutions that protect your devices, content, applications and intellectual property.

Future-proofing and scalability can only be managed by choosing experienced vendors and mobile specialists that have deployed solutions similar to your needs. This experienced proven track record means that you save time and money in scoping and executing your mobile strategy.

That’s why we partner with SAP to deliver best-in-class mobile workforce solutions backed by futuristic innovation and technology where the sky is the limit. SAP Mobile Solutions are agnostic which means that even if you are not an SAP customer or have not invested in an SAP end-to-end solution, you can still access the power of their mobility platform and Mobile App Solutions.


The following diagram outlines the full end-to-end SAP Mobile solution:







SAP Solutions Brief: EAM Work Order



Overview of SAP Mobility Solutions

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Demonstration of mobile condition assessment of mining equipment

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Tolerro can assess, scope, plan and implement your mobility strategy.

We can assist you with part of a mobility solution or a whole end-to-end solution in partnership with SAP.

Call today to arrange a meeting.


SAP Mobile Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

As asset management specialists we have enhanced our expertise in mobilising asset management. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is combining with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to drive a new highly streamlined strategic approach to traditional asset management activities. Many organisations start with their asset management operations and then scale up to other areas of the organisation from there.

Mobilising your asset management work practices and processes ensures delivery of mission critical performance with minimal interruptions and delays. Leaders in asset management are adopting mobile solutions to:


SAP Mobility Solutions for Enterprise Asset Management



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  • streamline workflows, improve work practices and shorten work cycles
  • access real-time key asset info from backend systems for on-site look-up
  • simplify compliance
  • increase safety levels

  • reduce admin time and costs, eliminate paperwork and increase accuracy
  • speed-up response times and improve maintenance downtime
  • improve customer service
  • improve asset visibility and access high quality data in real-time to make better informed decisions.

This means greater reliability and efficiency, and lower overall servicing and repair costs, ultimately leading to optimised performance and a better bottom line.

Going mobile delivers real cost saving benefits. With stretched budgets, increased competition, greater risks and higher labour costs, it is essential to keep costs under control and achieve a higher return on assets.


Introducing SAP Mobile Apps for EAM

SAP Mobile Apps for EAM provides the most complete portfolio of mobile solutions. The suite includes:

SAP Work Manager

Give employees everything they need to efficiently and safely install, inspect, maintain, and repair assets in the field.
  • Streamline processes by eliminating paperwork and reducing cycle time
  • Cut maintenance costs by working to standards
  • Get better visibility and improved analytics by capturing higher quality real-time data
  • Keep assets running at peak performance with shorter response times and timelier maintenance
  • Complete safety checks and follow safe work practices to protect employees

SAP Inventory Manager

Increase productivity, lower costs, optimize your supply chain, and improve customer service. SAP Inventory Manager provides precise, paperless tracking and ensures fast, efficient maintenance
  • Perform physical and cycle counts quickly and with greater accuracy
  • Check availability of materials while on the job
  • Accept and distribute incoming materials by purchase order
  • Pre-pick materials and issue, return, or transfer goods electronically
  • Speed receipt and backorder reporting to and from shipping and receiving


SAP Rounds Manager

Streamline routine condition monitoring, meter reading, and field measurements by recording more accurate data and analyzing it faster.
  • Eliminate paper forms and the time required to retype data into EAM systems
  • Automatically compare new data to tracked historic standards and safe ranges
  • Generate work orders and notifications of potential problems from the field
  • Anticipate emergencies and outages with easy review of trend readings, points, and sequences.
  • Download round data by equipment type or name
  • Automatically calculate readings, limits, alerts, and collection frequencies

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer Mobile App

Accelerate decision making, optimize productivity, and improve quality with software that integrates 3D visualization of assets and business data.
  • Improve communication with internal and external customers and partners
  • Optimize productivity with visual access
  • Improve product quality and process efficiency by communicating visually
  • Lower operating costs and reduce product lifecycles


SAP EHS Safety Issue Mobile App

Enlist your entire workforce in maximizing employee safety by enabling them to quickly log issues directly into your environment, health, and safety incident management solution.
  • Report employee safety issues on any mobile device when and where the issue is detected
  • Attach up to four pictures or videos to fully document the discovery
  • Augment any images with a recording of a spoken description
  • Keep tabs on all employee safety reports sorting them by date, issue, or status



Tolerro can work with you to use a combination of pre-integrated SAP EAM Apps with customisations to create a hybrid app that perfectly streamlines your work practices. As mobile workforce experts with an asset management specialisation, we can tailor a mobile solution to revolutionise your asset management activities.

Call Tolerro TODAY to discuss your mobile workforce objectives.


A strong partnership delivering best in-class mobile workforce solutions…

In April 2012, SAP acquired Syclo, the leading mobile enterprise solutions provider, to further strengthen and broaden the SAP portfolio of mobile applications. Tolerro was a long standing partner of Syclo and managed the first Syclo implementation for Facilities Management in Australia and the First Syclo Work Manager implementation for Transportation in Australia. We are now embarking on some exciting mobilising “firsts” as an SAP Channel Partner. We are looking forward to joining forces and expanding our depth and breadth of expertise in the mobile workforce solutions arena to deliver great outcomes for our clients.

SAP Support

SAP Enterprise Support

Supercharge your IT operations and innovate faster – with SAP Enterprise Support

Accelerate your implementations, optimise your IT operations, and speed your business process innovation – with SAP Enterprise Support. This powerhouse collection of support tools and services is built on a global pool of unique expertise gained from over 40 years of working with you – our customers.

  • Implement and manage your SAP and non-SAP applications using the central SAP Solution Manager platform
  • Automate your IT processes that support on-device, on-demand, and on-premise solutions
  • Take advantage of new functionality that is easier to consume into existing SAP landscapes
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SAP Standard Support

Our incident-driven support can provide the reliable responses you need to address your technical disruptions and maintain the health and integrity of your IT systems. SAP Standard Support services enable you to maintain continuous SAP software system operations. This level of support provides you with services and know-how to keep your software systems running. With SAP Standard Support, our customers gain the following business benefits:

  • Keep your systems up-to-date
  • Software-related incident support
  • Remote services for guidance in special situations
  • Benefit from knowledge transfer
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Transforming asset intensive industries with mobility

Transforming asset intensive industries with mobility


Successful asset-intensive organisations will look at mobile solutions as an integral component of their asset management strategy . Mobile technologies have the potential, when applied wisely, to streamline the organization’s processes and improve the company’s bottom line.…

UK National Grid Syclo Implementation

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