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Reporting, BA/BI

You have made a high investment in your asset management and business systems, and there is unlimited potential in these systems when you harness the capability that lies untapped. Asking the right queries to extract meaningful business analytics to turn into business intelligence will empower decision making for enhanced performance and competitive advantage.

Depending on your in-house analytics capability, you probably fit into one of these two scenarios:

Scenario one – Sophisticated Enterprise Reporting

You want to out-source the generation of your business Intelligence and reports from IBM Maximo to an expert so that you can concentrate on other areas of your asset management operation … OR … You have a business case for the business intelligence information you want but lack an asset management specialist’s knowledge to decide which queries to ask to empower your decision making.

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Scenario two – Ad-Hoc Reporting

You don’t want to spend a fortune on reporting because you are already good at asking the complex analytics questions. You just need an easy to use, yet sophisticated do-it-yourself reporting tool to extract the answers.

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Tolerro Reporting

Insightful complex queries answered from your IBM Maximo data

It is all very well to have invested in your IBM Maximo system, but to get full return on investment you need to know how to ask the right queries and extract the right analytics for business intelligence.  Failure to do so means you have untapped opportunity and uninformed decision making.  This could mean big bucks.

You need the information extracted from IBM Maximo that is critical for enhancing your asset performance.  There is a process involved in evaluating the value of information and succinctly defining the parameters of the business case for the information you need.

As specialists in asset management we deal day- to- day with the insights you need from your data – generically and specifically.  We have the knowledge of the queries to ask to get the business intelligence and reports that maximise asset performance. We have gained valuable lessons and know-how from developing hundreds of standard, routine and tailored IBM Maximo reports for clients.  It is unlikely that you have a business case or query that we haven’t explored already and can generate ensuring you have the parameters covered for the decisions you need to make.  The following are examples of reports we currently generate for clients:

Routine/scheduled reporting

These reports are the ones you need at a particular time of year, for example high level end of financial year reporting or quarterly reports per asset class , such as the cost of your vehicle fleet including a breakdown of service and parts cost components.

You may have routine reports on a weekly or monthly basis to monitor and manage asset performance.  An example is asset cost roll-ups for top level assets to report on the total cost of ownership with drill-down into all sub-asset costs.

Whatever decision making intelligence you need, we can develop a routine report to give you the information you need.

Ad-hoc reporting

Ad hoc reporting is the service that answers the question “I wonder if….”.  These reports explore multiple scenarios and provide deeper insight on specific issues.  For example, you might like to know the top 5 failure modes of your highest value assets to investigate if there is a common trend or generate a downtime report of particular asset classes to determine better scheduling of maintenance and inspections.  If you have a query, we can generate a report to provide you with the answers.

Adhoc reports can often become routine reporting as they reveal insightful decision making potential and provide an initial benchmark for future monitoring.

Dashboards – BI/BA

Most organisations have set KPIs and keeping these at the forefront of daily activities is one way to ensure you focus on meeting organisational priorities and objectives.   We can set-up KPIs on your dashboard to monitor your critical asset performance, so at any time of the day you can literally see at a glance if you are “in the red” or “in the green”.


Manage your own business intelligence

Why spend the big bucks paying report developers if you know what analytics and queries you want answered? You just need the right tool to produce self-service reports when you need them and in the format you want.  With Sharperlight, you can be the report genius!

Sharperlight is a dynamic reporting and integration framework taking the guesswork out of querying complex operational data stores and enabling rapid reporting output into a range of formats.

Sharperlight assists you to extract, view, analyse and report from IBM Maximo and other business information systems so that you don’t have to extract reporting information in system silos.  Integrating these information systems does not mean major re-engineering or unification on a single platform.  Sharperlight gives you fast access at your fingertips to multiple systems in real-time and acts as an easy to use interface that assists you to intelligently build even the most complex reports.

Sharperlight enables you to easily create complex and interactive reports and connect to multiple sources using a dynamic data access layer.  It has easy ‘drag and drop’ report development functionality using recognisable report objects across diverse processes. You can then publish your reports, dashboards and graphs to SSRS®, IE®, Jasper®, BIRT® or a mobile device.

Sharperlight’s dynamic intelligent meta data layer (DataModel) provides you with real-time bi-directional functionality and abstracts the complexity of the underlying structure and transforms your information into a layer that end users can interact with.

It empowers you to perform rapid analysis with a simple to use query engine over single or multiple systems simultaneously.  Sharperlight provides you with easy access to all your data at your fingertips to analyse and run your organisation.

Sharperlight is priced to compete and requires minimal consultancy to get up and running.


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