Who We Are

We live and breathe asset management … it’s all that we do

Who We Are

Tolerro is a global specialist asset management solutions provider. We deliver enterprise asset management and mobile workforce solutions to asset-intensive industries across the world.

We are different to most companies that offer asset management systems as one of many products in their service “buffet”. We focus and specialise – asset management is all that we do. From the Managing Director down we are asset management specialists first,  committed to providing our clients with complete solutions including business analysis, software, development and integration, support and training.

As a result, when you engage Tolerro you can be sure you will get an experienced team that understands your objectives and challenges, and that will deliver an asset management and mobile workforce solution which will meet your needs, on time and on budget.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision:

  • We are always the best system integrator
  • We will always deliver service excellence
  • We will always imagine what’s possible
  • We are always focussed on the end result.

Our Mission:

  • We intend to be second-to-none in technology services and asset management services
  • We intend to be the most flexible in our engagements with our customers and partners
  • We care and take responsibility for social and environmental causes. We have given over six figures $AU through our philanthropic initiatives.  We will continue to support various causes.


Leaders in Asset Management

Tolerro is a leading asset management solutions provider. Among our many achievements are some key “Firsts”:

  • First (& second) implementation of Maximo Anywhere mobile suite in Australia
  • First to implement IBM Maximo Linear Asset Manager
  • First to implement Maximo 7.5 in Australia
  • First to implement Maximo 7.6 in Australia
  • First Syclo (now SAP Mobile Field Service Solution) implementation for Facilities Management in Australia
  • First Australian certified distributor of Sharperlight BA solution for Maximo
  • First Australian Channel partner for IBM Maximo in Asia Pacific
  • First Syclo Work Manager implementation for Transportation in Australia
  • First SAP Syclo Partner in Australia
  • First business partner for MRO Software (the original developer of Maximo) in Australasia.

In our field, being the first to embrace, implement and advance technological innovation is the difference between our clients getting the best ROI from their assets or struggling to make them perform. We can help you get a new system, or get the very best out of your existing system. Asset Management is too important to settle for mediocre systems or implementations.

Take the first concrete step toward optimal asset management – call us today.

Our Partners


Tolerro is an authorised business partner of IBM. We are certified to sell, implement and support current and previous versions of IBM Maximo, IBM Maximo templates for specific industries (for example Maximo for Oil and Gas), Maximo Adaptors and the latest IBM Maximo Mobile Work Manager solutions.


Tolerro is proud to join forces with our American Business Partner Interloc Solutions Inc. in offering an Interloc Informer solution that meets your very specific requirements for a mobile solution.

As highly respected and accredited IBM Business Partners, Tolerro and Interloc are able to design and implement unique solutions that benefit individual customers.


Tolerro is proud to partner with SAP to bring mobile solutions to our asset management customers.



Tolerro has partnered with TRIXi, an organisation that was once the in-house TRIRIGA consulting group for IBM Australia.
TRIXi’s expertise and experience delivers solutions and builds insights into facilities. Insights that improve the way people utilise and interact with buildings.
It’s consultants provide skills honed through experience with the Big Four consulting firms, and technical delivery capability proven through experience of IBM, Oracle, and the legacy TRIRIGA firm.

Our Client Commitment

As a client of Tolerro you have the right to expect the following commitments:


You can rely on us to be honest, up-front, approachable, constructive, and cooperative.


You can rely on us to take a ‘partnership approach’ to working with you which means taking responsibility for your outcomes and being there in the long-term for future continuity.


You can be assured of best thinking, appropriate best practice, and best expertise in asset management. Continual professional development and training keep us at the technological edge and thinking laterally.


You can rely on our policy of “no surprises” so that the work we provide is within the timeframe and budget we negotiated and any unforeseen variances are communicated and approved along the way. We will actively seek cost effective outcomes that offer you value for money solutions.


You will be provided with documentation beyond what is normally provided in our industry, or expected by clients. This is so you have a clear path of what we’ve done and a guide for future systemisation.


You will be provided with effective training and practical support so that skills transfer and in-house capability is developed.


You can be assured that we set our sights on doing an outstanding job so that you want to keep contracting us. We don’t rely on ‘lock-in strategies’ to force you to stay.


You can be confident in the quality, skill and expertise of our staff, delivering consistency and an energetic approach to your needs. Our staff are our key assets and we train them well and offer incentives to stay to provide long term benefits to our clients.


You can expect open lines of communication – we are straight talking, upfront and don’t baffle with ‘techno speak’. As asset management specialists we also understand your field and your perspective which makes two way communications more effective.


You can come to us with any challenge, idea or proposition and we embrace the opportunity to work with you to find the right solution. We are not a ‘one trick pony’ and enjoy partnering with our clients and other industry experts to lead the way in asset management excellence.

These standards are not the only commitments you are entitled to measure us against. We welcome your feedback and invite you to share your expectations with us.