3 Things You Wish You Knew Before BYOD

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Bring Your Own Device. It sounded so simple a few years ago. These days organisations are relying more and more on doing much of their corporate work on mobile devices, and this can turn BYOD into a minefield as:


Enterprise Data Modelling: 7 Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

Seven Deadly Sins of Database Design


When dealing with designing an enterprise data solution there are several common mistakes that many companies can make.

This free whitepaper covers what those mistakes are and how your company can avoid those to implement the most effective and reliable solution.…

Questions You Must Ask Before Changing Your Storage Strategy

Flash Implications in Enterprise Storage Array Designs


The use of flash storage has increased in leaps and bounds due to the growing use of social media and cloud applications.

This free whitepaper looks at what companies should look at when moving from traditional storage media to flash media and the alternatives available.…

The Truth About Flash Storage

Saving Time and Money with Savvy Use of Flash in Automated Storage Tiering


In today’s modern world flash storage is changing the way we store data! This gives companies a range of benefits, but can we rely solely upon flash storage?…

The ‘upwardly mobile’ enterprise, Setting the strategic agenda

The upwardly mobile enterprise, setting the strategic agenda


This is a great Executive report from IBM discussing the importance of having a well-developed mobile strategy. It examines the significant opportunities that exist for reinventing business and operating models and delivering mobile IT processes and solutions.…

Social learning, the future of the workplace

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A recent blog post from SAP talking about the role of modern technology and particularly social learning to facilitate the knowledge transfer in the workplace from the older, retiring generation to the next and beyond.…

Driving Effective Supply Chain Management

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An interesting article from SAP discussing the need for manufacturers to ensure they have effective and reliable supply chain management in place to track their entire production lifecycles from start to finish.

Author: Elisha Herrmann, Senior SAP Application Consultant at itelligence – 2014…