The transportation industry is the arterial network of our society.  Every one of us relies on its safety and smooth operation everyday of our lives.


Your assets keep society moving…

Tolerro is a leader in the enablement of effective asset management in the transportation industry.  Whether you are managing vehicle fleets, ports, roads, rail, or airports, you can be confident that Tolerro has the practical experience and expertise to enhance your asset management capability.

As asset managers in charge of maintaining critical transportation assets you need a clear understanding of asset condition.  Effective preventative and predictive maintenance ensures that the transportation systems we all rely on can continue to function with minimal disruption.

Tolerro specialise in high availability enterprise asset management systems, workforce mobility solutions and the consulting that makes implementation and enhancement a well-managed success.



“We worked with Tolerro to design and implement a new asset management solution for the maintenance of the Eastern Distributor in Sydney.  This implementation was a substantial upgrade from an out-dated system.   This achievement has given us much greater visibility of the corrective maintenance activities that are actually being completed day to day which in turn is allowing us to refine our asset management strategies.  Additionally we implemented the Syclo mobile solution which has significantly improved the level of detail and accuracy of information coming back from the field.  Tolerro worked closely with us to ensure the success of the project and the smooth transition into business as usual with the new solution.”

Emad Loka – Asset & Maintenance Manager, Services Division, Leighton Contractors PTY LIMITED

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Transforming asset intensive industries with mobility

Transforming asset intensive industries with mobility


Successful asset-intensive organisations will look at mobile solutions as an integral component of their asset management strategy . Mobile technologies have the potential, when applied wisely, to streamline the organization’s processes and improve the company’s bottom line.…

How Enterprise Asset Management helps manage industry regulation

Martin Giel from Southeast Water, UK, explains how IBM Maximo gave them evidence based information to comply with industry regulations.  The level of integration and visibility has also lead to seamless customer service.

Date video produced: 2011 Author: IBM Duration: 2 min 21 sec