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Best practice solutions with technology as the enabler


Whether it is recommending the best-in-class asset management systems, our project management methodology, the recruitment and nurturing of the specialist staff or the partners we choose – everything we do is with best practice as the driver and technology as the enabler. We bring to the table practical and cost effective business systems that ensure you are funding solutions, not inefficiency, and you get value for money outcomes. Our refined standards and processes, seasoned know-how, proven track record and asset management specialisation means that choosing us could literally save you millions.

Strategic Advice & Analysis

At Tolerro we understand the right asset management solution will deliver the tools you need to optimise your investment and meet diverse stakeholder expectations. Across strategy, support and performance we are committed to providing you with the most effective and appropriate advice.

We are experts in providing the critical analysis required to ensure you are presented with the asset management solutions needed to deliver improved performance. We can also ensure your systems are configured to meet international standards such as ISO55000.

In a world driven by competition and regulation we understand the expectation to deliver optimal outcomes with minimised investment. In asset intensive organisations like yours – the stakeholders (shareholders, investors, government regulators and the public) demand that you achieve optimal return on asset investment, high reliability, responsiveness, transparency, predictability and intrinsic safety on ever decreasing budgets.

With these increased pressures and expectations enterprise asset management has moved from the Boiler Room to the Board Room. It is a driving force in business strategy and decision making and optimised asset management can give you cost leadership and a competitive edge.


Tactical Advice & Support

At Tolerro our extensive knowledge and expertise is oriented toward providing you with practical hands-on solutions. We understand that maximising asset performance on a day to day basis requires insights into workflow, energy efficiency and systems improvements.

Our  solutions are a combination of strategic advice and real time support. Whether it be system-wide support or tweaking of individual components, our team is here to help.

Mobility Solutions

Tolerro’s mobile workforce solutions enable you to quickly reach a new level of efficiency through increased productivity and reduced costs including:

  • Streamlining of work processes and collaboration between regions, personnel, contractors and management
  • Immediate access to real time key information – asset history, inventory, work order tracking, condition codes, job plans etc
  • Simplified compliance due to greater accuracy and digitally recorded data
  • Reduced administrative costs and re-work – high quality data captured and uploaded from performance point to the backend system
  • Greater Accuracy – digitally recorded time stamps and GPS coordinates
  • Improved customer service through greater efficiency
  • Eliminated paperwork, double handling and data entry human error
  • Higher responsiveness and immediate scheduling of work to prioritise and prevent hold-up
  • Complete visibility of all operations in real time of staff activity and asset status for better decision making.
Asset Performance & Reporting

As specialists in asset management we deal day-to-day with the insights you need from your data – generically and specifically. We know the right questions to ask in order to get the business intelligence and reports that maximise asset performance.

We have developed hundreds of standard, routine and tailored reports for our clients. This industry-leading experience has provided us with the valuable lessons and know-how necessary for determining best-practice performance solutions.

Real time reporting – we monitor data in real time so that you can make time-sensitive decisions and adjustments essential to maximising asset performance.

Historical reporting – to enable an affective review of asset performance we provide you with the multiple data sets necessary for delivering comprehensive historical analysis.

Our combination of historical and real-time reporting solutions will provide you with the information you need to enhance your asset performance.

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The Case for ISO55000

The Case for ISO55000.



ISO55000 can provide a number of advantages for achieving effective asset management.

• Alignment of processes, resources and functional contributions (instead of departmental silos and competing, short-term priorities)
• Creating a transparent audit trail for what is done, when and why
• Better understanding and usage of data and information to
provide informed and consistent decisions
• Improved planning (especially capital expenditure).…