Your smart buildings journey begins with IBM® TRIRIGA®

TRIRIGA Facilities Maintenance

Buildings are getting smarter.

A smart building is one which allows operators to analyse the needs of the occupants, enhancing productivity and creating a human-centred approach to facilities management. Making a building ‘smart’ also reduces operational costs by increasing the efficiency of how the facility’s space and assets are used.

The IBM® TRIRIGA® solution delivers an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that can bring smart technology to your building. It allows for configurable workflow and performance analytics engines to reduce operating costs, increase asset efficiency and help achieve sustainability goals.

As a trusted IBM partner, Tolerro offers the capabilities to implement TRIRIGA® solutions, optimising your operations in five key areas:

  • Maintenance and energy management
  • Space optimisation
  • Lease accounting
  • Capital projects management
  • Mobile Facilities Management


Maintenance and energy management:

At the core of TRIRIGA®’s capability is Facilities Maintenance. Strategic facilities planning with TRIRIGA® allows for reduced costs and the streamlining of maintenance services with a focus on extending the life of critical facility assets. A Facility Assessment application assesses the physical condition of facilities, analyses opportunities for improvement and starts processes to improve conditions. The software also streamlines move implementation, as well as identifying under-utilised facilities. 

TRIRIGA® also uses energy management software to help reduce unnecessary energy consumption: identifying underperforming facilities, creating higher returns on energy efficiency projects and helping meet sustainability goals by implementing energy reduction tactics. 


Space optimisation:

Space optimisation and management within TRIRIGA® allows you to apply user roles and classifications, as well as import space records into your portfolio data. From there space management features can be used to track space utilisation within buildings and ensure that space is optimised for occupancy. 


Lease accounting:

TRIRIGA®’s lease management module allows you to streamline your lease accounting practices. It incorporates current lease accounting standards and is FASB-compliant, keeping you up to date with best practices. The lease management module helps increase returns from property transactions by tracking the value of property over time, displaying your invoices and receivables, charting depreciation and tracking financial operational transactions.


Capital projects management:

If you’re running a capital works project in the facilities sector, TRIRIGA® provides a high-level project overview. Whether you want to construct a new building, perform large-scale maintenance or refit a suite, TRIRIGA® helps automate and streamline the process from project setup through to closeout.


Mobile Facilities Management:

Perceptive Applications offer intuitive user interfaces which let you access TRIRIGA® information on your mobile devices such as Android or IoS and easily transmit data while on the move. This can be especially useful for organising mobile workforces. TRIRIGA® offers the capability for perceptive apps and mobility in the following areas:

  • Workplace Service Applications
  • Work Task Management Applications
  • Move Applications
  • Space Applications


If you and your team are interested in optimising your facility, contact us at Tolerro to find out how we can implement TRIRIGA according to your needs and make your building smart!