Your smart buildings journey begins with IBM® TRIRIGA®

TRIRIGA Facilities Maintenance

Buildings are getting smarter. But before you can have a smart building, it’s important to understand how your building operates across critical operational areas.

IBM® TRIRIGA® provides the foundation needed to begin your smart buildings journey. As a market-leading integrated workplace management system (IWMS), it provides you with the needed solution to break down siloes and optimize operations across four key pillars:

  • Space optimization
  • Maintenance and energy management
  • Lease accounting
  • Capital projects

You need to answer questions like:

  • How much building space sits unused?
  • Is your space optimized to meet employee needs?
  • When are the biggest spikes in energy usage?
  • Is it difficult for occupants to request maintenance services?
  • Is demand maintenance on the rise due to lack of preventive maintenance?
  • Are your capital projects on time and within budget?
  • Are you on track to be compliant with new lease accounting standards?

If you and your team have ever asked yourselves any of the above questions, contact us at Tolerro to find out how your building can be smart!